Prepaid Vouchers


If LPG Live Scan’s billing account program does not suit your needs, but you still want to pay for your applicants to be fingerprinted, Prepaid Fingerprinting Vouchers may be just what you are looking for. A Prepaid Fingerprinting Voucher is used like a gift certificate and can be purchased to cover our $25 rolling fee, plus any applicable Government (DOJ/FBI) background processing fees.

Prepaid vouchers can be purchased with a credit/debit card or company check. After funds are successfully processed, the purchased vouchers can be picked up, or will be mailed to a specified location. Prepaid vouchers do not expire and can be purchased in any denomination, with a 10 voucher minimum. If you are unsure about the total amount per voucher you should purchase, which would include any applicable Government (DOJ/FBI) background processing fees, Email or call (510) 836-6013 before proceeding.

When you are ready to purchase prepaid vouchers, complete the form below. After your information is received, LPG Live Scan will email you an Invoice with an option to pay online, or mail a company check.



NOTE: Refunds and returns are not accepted. No cash value. Prepaid Fingerprinting Vouchers may be redeemed for in-office live scan or ink fingerprinting services only. Not valid with any other offer or discount. No credit or change will be given on redemption. Lost or stolen Vouchers will not be replaced.